Faculty Profile

Dr. Mary Zapczynski

DNP NSU 2018
Office: Ofc. LC229
Telephone: 3186773081
Email: zapczynskim@nsula.edu


Mary Zapczynski, DNP, APRN-FNP-BC, CNN, CNE is an Assistant Professor of Nursing in the Graduate Program.  Dr. Zapczynski has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2007, practicing in nephrology and primary care. Prior to joining the graduate faculty at Northwestern State University in 2016, Dr. Zapczynski was a clinical instructor for BSN and ASN students through the Willis Knighton/NSU Partnership. 

Dr. Zapczynski completed her education at Northwestern State University earing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1983 a Master of Science in Nursing//FNP in 2007 and the Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2018. Her area of interest is increasing the awareness of chronic kidney disease among primary care providers. 

Office Hours

Office Hours Not Available

Course Information

Course Title Location Time
NURG.5700.01I METH CLIN NURS ASST Internet 08/16/21-12/17/21
NURG.5770.06I FNP I CARE EXPECT FAM/CHILD/AD Internet 08/16/21-12/17/21
NURG.5840.01I ROLE NURSE PRAC IN BUS Internet 08/16/21-12/17/21
NURG.5996.06I RESEARCH SEMINAR II Internet 08/16/21-12/17/21