Faculty Profile

Dr. Rondo Keele

Ph.D. in Philosophy, 2002 from Indiana University
Office: Morrison Hall 203
Telephone: (318) 357-4587
Email: keeler@nsula.edu


Dr. Rondo Keele took a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Anthropology at the University of Utah, where he also completed a master’s degree in Philosophy.  For his philosophy Ph.D. at Indiana University he studied medieval philosophy, logic, and German Idealism, also completing a Ph.D. minor in Religious Studies and a certificate in Medieval Studies.  His research areas include William of Ockham (d. 1347) and his contemporaries, and late medieval scholasticism more generally.  He lectures in the College’s great books sequence, and also teaches ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, logic, gnostic Christianity, and classical Latin poetry.  He has written books and articles on Franciscan theologian William of Ockham, and his contemporaries Walter Chatton and Peter Auriol.  In his spare time during the semester he enjoys racquetball and bird watching, but in the summer he disappears into the dusty warrens of Cairo, Egypt, and is seldom heard from.

Office Hours

Fall 2021 Contact Hours

Online:         TR 9:30-11:00, F 10-11 and 12-1

Office:          MW 9-11, 12-1 in Morrison Hall 223

Course Information

Course Title Location Time
PHIL.1010.01I INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY Internet 06/06/22-07/01/22